The Leaky Tap

One Year Old

We recently turned one year old and have all you lovely customers to thank!


It sure has been an interesting year finding our feet and setting us systems that will best serve the public. If you haven’t stopped by the cafe in the last six months, we encourage you to re-visit to see what’s new!


Our quiet location on Victoria street means you can escape the hustle and bustle to enjoy our home-made food and beverage. We are children and dog friendly so the whole family can come along… unless you have a cat, sorry, no cats! haha


We have foods to suite stomachs of all needs and requirements and furniture that will provoke a giggle.


If you’re lucky, you will catch owner and Olympic gymnast, Olivia Vivian behind the counter. She’s always happy to tell the story behind the cafe’s theme.


Don’t forget to call ahead if you want coffee on the run, or to pre-book a sit down with family, friends and your fur-babies!


After a year, we hope to be as permanent as the stains on our front alfresco, and we always look forward to meeting the strangers of the future!