The Leaky Tap

“What’s in a Puppuccnio?”

Closing in on Eight Months now and the traffic flow of this quirky Café has picked up dramaticlly. It’s a quiet hidden location that not all of the locals even know about.

As trade continues, the popular items start to stand out. In this case it’s been the Leaky Tap’s famous PUPPUCCINO! For those tilting your head sideways, a Puppuccnio is a Dog Treat for mans favourite furry friend!

Everyday the question is asked, “What’s in a Puppuccnio?”

Although we can’t give away the secret recipe that all the dogs go crazy for, we can tell you it’s completely dog safe. There’s no lactose or Chocolate, we just carefully craft it to look like a cappuccino!

Feel free to bring down your kanine compaions and give one a try!

The other HUMAN related item which seems to be walking out the door is our Home-Made sausage rolls!

A classic Australian meal you can find pretty much anywhere in our nation, but we can tell you that ours is tastier than all the rest! With grandmas recipe, you just can’t beat home-made!

So feel free to stop on by as this cafe continues to welcome and impress the community of Perth and it’s locals!

You can find us in the hard to get to 43 Victoria st Mosman Park!