The Leaky Tap

We are really bad at updating posts on our website…

So it’s pretty obvious we don’t maintain frequent blogs on our website, most of our content is updated frequently through out Instagram and Facebook social media posts.

But for those curious enough to look into the website, let me tell you the recent incidents and what’s new this coming warmer months;

We were recently broken into by some local no good neighbours, and although they didn’t get much because we don’t keep cash on premises, the burglar still did a lot of damage and trashed the inside of our café. It’s incredibly heart aching but we have installed shutters as a result to prevent any further break-ins.  They’re actually really sleek, sexy shutters so we don’t have one complaint about the aesthetics of the café at night, we just wish the local council would support small business financially to install security measures.

On a positive note, we have new menu items, one section including a new gourmet range of shakes and hot chocolates designed by our Barista Alex and the team at The Leaky Tap! click on our menu to check them out!!


So assuming it takes another year for another post, check out our Instagram, come on down and say hi!


Much Love, The Leaky Tap!

One Year Old

We recently turned one year old and have all you lovely customers to thank!


It sure has been an interesting year finding our feet and setting us systems that will best serve the public. If you haven’t stopped by the cafe in the last six months, we encourage you to re-visit to see what’s new!


Our quiet location on Victoria street means you can escape the hustle and bustle to enjoy our home-made food and beverage. We are children and dog friendly so the whole family can come along… unless you have a cat, sorry, no cats! haha


We have foods to suite stomachs of all needs and requirements and furniture that will provoke a giggle.


If you’re lucky, you will catch owner and Olympic gymnast, Olivia Vivian behind the counter. She’s always happy to tell the story behind the cafe’s theme.


Don’t forget to call ahead if you want coffee on the run, or to pre-book a sit down with family, friends and your fur-babies!


After a year, we hope to be as permanent as the stains on our front alfresco, and we always look forward to meeting the strangers of the future!



“What’s in a Puppuccnio?”

Closing in on Eight Months now and the traffic flow of this quirky Café has picked up dramaticlly. It’s a quiet hidden location that not all of the locals even know about.

As trade continues, the popular items start to stand out. In this case it’s been the Leaky Tap’s famous PUPPUCCINO! For those tilting your head sideways, a Puppuccnio is a Dog Treat for mans favourite furry friend!

Everyday the question is asked, “What’s in a Puppuccnio?”

Although we can’t give away the secret recipe that all the dogs go crazy for, we can tell you it’s completely dog safe. There’s no lactose or Chocolate, we just carefully craft it to look like a cappuccino!

Feel free to bring down your kanine compaions and give one a try!

The other HUMAN related item which seems to be walking out the door is our Home-Made sausage rolls!

A classic Australian meal you can find pretty much anywhere in our nation, but we can tell you that ours is tastier than all the rest! With grandmas recipe, you just can’t beat home-made!

So feel free to stop on by as this cafe continues to welcome and impress the community of Perth and it’s locals!

You can find us in the hard to get to 43 Victoria st Mosman Park!



NOW OPEN! The Leaky Tap

Only six weeks young but The Leaky Tap is definitely dripping! Although we are hidden away on a side street of Mosman park, people are coming from far and near to come check out our quirky theme and fun filled chairs! The furniture is a hit and the coffee is even better! Even the local dogs are enjoying our signature “Puppuccinos” which is a dog safe Cappuccino served in a toilet bowl.


Our Tool Box Breaky is a sure way to make sure the customers enjoy their favourite ingredients, alongside our Toasted Muesli and tasty Bacon and Egg Sandwich. The Lunch menu is packed full of variety and still under construction until the perfect combination of dishes is finalized for hard copy!


One visit to The Leaky Tap is all it will take to get you hooked to our great atmosphere, friendly service and outstanding Food and Coffee!

Olivia Vivian - Owner Of The Leaky Tap