The Leaky Tap

  • Welcome To the Leaky Tap

    We are a characteristic cafe with a theme inspired by a very much loved local plumber and father, Craig Vivian. Come and enjoy the amazing coffee, quirky cafe and plumbing themed furniture that even your pets can appreciate!
  • Latest News

    We are really bad at updating posts on our website…

    So it’s pretty obvious we don’t maintain frequent blogs on our website, most of our content is updated frequently through out Instagram and Facebook social media posts.

    But for those curious enough to look into the website, let me tell you the recent incidents and what’s new this coming warmer months;

    We were recently broken into by some local no good neighbours, and although they didn’t get much because we don’t keep cash on premises, the burglar still did a lot of damage and trashed the inside of our café. It’s incredibly heart aching but we have installed shutters as a result to prevent any further break-ins.  They’re actually really sleek, sexy shutters so we don’t have one complaint about the aesthetics of the café at night, we just wish the local council would support small business financially to install security measures.

    On a positive note, we have new menu items, one section including a new gourmet range of shakes and hot chocolates designed by our Barista Alex and the team at The Leaky Tap! click on our menu to check them out!!


    So assuming it takes another year for another post, check out our Instagram, come on down and say hi!


    Much Love, The Leaky Tap!